Jan 232012

On this Monday, the twenty-third of January, I’d like to brag about my sister. She makes super cute things out of her own head! (As opposed to me, who just follows instructions.) This Christmas, my sister made a set of coasters for our parents. She worriedly asked me beforehand if I was making coasters for them, as if any coasters I made would’ve held a candle to hers anyway, but I was able to assure her that I was giving them other stuff. (It had never occurred to me to make them coasters since my mom seemed happy with the bright pink Playboy bunny coasters she’d bought herself, haha.)

Are these not the bomb digs? I ask you.

Those are my parents on the top, my sister’s family on the left, and mine on the right. (Now that you know what I look like, you can stalk me. O_o) My sister’s husband, who isn’t Asian, asked my sister why she always gives him Asian eyes. Also, her friends on the mainland have said her drawings look Asian. Did you think that? I didn’t think that! I just think she makes happy eyes!

Anyhoo, those are the coasters she gave my parents and that I totally would have been whining about not receiving… if she hadn’t made me this completely awesome recipe card box.

(The see-through part is actually clean and clear — I just didn’t bother fixing my camera’s depth-of-field thingoo so it would look good.)

That’s my family! 🙂

When we were little, our pediatrician used to look in our ears and exclaim, “I see potatoes and carrots in there!” hee, hee.

That’s my sister, her husband, and all three of our kids.

I love this panel! It’s my dad and mom, and that’s totally the way they cook. My dad makes really tasty stuff, and my mom cooks good things too, but my dad often helps her out since she doesn’t like to taste while she’s cooking. Also, she only likes cooking on high heat, and once she cracked a cast iron pan!

… Thanks for sticking through all of my braggy braggadoodling! Since you made it this far and since this is my birthday week, let’s celebrate with the packrat-iest giveaway ever!

On the very left is a pair of zipper pulls from zipit. In the middle are the leftovers from my drunkards’ path quilt — I sewed up the entire Kona basics (I think) charm pack, but only used 28 colors. The mess on the right is a pile of the generally ridiculously tiny scraps I’ve saved in about a year’s time. For a while there, I was saving things like the triangles you get from making diagonal seams on binding and the boxed corners you cut out of bags. When I was pulling these out of my scrap box, I was thinking that I must have mistaken my scrap bucket for my trash bucket; some of the scraps were so small. But if you have a hankering for making doll-sized ticker tape quilts, you might like these!

So the birthday-present-for-me part will be getting to use random.org for the first time, if more than one person wants these (comment to say, of course). 😀 I’ll see about assigning this bag of stuff at around 6:30 on Wednesday morning, my time. Toodlypipski!

  5 Responses to “Braggy McBraggerpants”

  1. ROFLMAO, yep, your sister is awesome. And I think your mum must be a little awesome too with her Playboy coasters and cracked pan 😀

  2. This post had me giggling. Very impressed with your sister’s talent and creativity. That recipe box is awesome!

  3. First, you are hilarious! Second, I do not think your sister draws Asian eyes – they are clearly happy eyes. Based on drawings alone I had no idea you were even 1 ppm Asian…based on your name, I figured your husband might be 1 ppm (but I suppose it was silly of me to assume you took his name…) Third, my birthday is this week too (tomorrow) – do you think we were twins separated at birth?

  4. These are amazing gifts! Your sister is so talented as well. Happy early birthday!

  5. Happy early birthday! YOur sister has me giggling as i read the post. Your family sounds so funny and obviously you all care about each other loads. I thought they were happy eyes too!!

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