Jan 182012

It’s always fun to make resolutions, yeah? I usually keep them in my head (since if I haven’t written them down, I can’t have broken them at the end of the year), but I have been compelled by Very Berry Handmade’s terrific giveaway to listify! In no particular order:

  1. Make a quilt for Mr. Yazoo. Even though he loves his sleeping bag the best, I’m going to inflict a quilt on him since I’ve made one for almost everyone in our immediate families except for him. I even have a half-baked plan!
  2. Make a quilt for my cousin. My cousin whose son to whom I gave this quilt at Christmas told me she really loves it, and when her son sneaks into her and her husband’s bed, they put him back into his bed after he’s fallen asleep, but she keeps his quilt. 🙂
  3. Use a couple of my fancy, expensive, import-type fabrics, instead of just hoarding them.
  4. Make three Weekender bags. I usually really don’t like repeating projects, and I haven’t even tried making one yet, but I’m really excited about mine. Plus, both my mom and my sister travel more than me, so they obviously need one.
  5. Stop waffling in my head about getting a new sewing machine. I say I don’t need a new sewing machine, but every time a present-like occasion comes up, I thiiiink about a new one. But! I’m not going to get one until we get a new house. Then it can just be rolled into the mortgage. Hahaha!

I think that’s an achievable list. I likey achievable. Since I don’t have a fabric-ey picture to go with this post, here’s Cosmo to remind us to try to keep our resovolutions throughout the new year.

  2 Responses to “2012 (the year of, not the number of) Resovolutions”

  1. Is hoarding wrong? I should take note 😉

    Cute pic… that expression would definitely keep me in line with my resolutions throughout the year!

  2. ROFL, looks like Cosmo will hunt you down if you deviate!

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